April 17, 2024

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Dereliction of Duty

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Failure to protect the border, failure to unite, failed economy, failed foreign policy, faulure to protect our country!

Dereliction of Duty

Dereliction of duty generally refers to a failure to conform to rules of one’s job, which will vary by tasks involved. It is a failure or refusal to perform assigned duties in a satisfactory manner. Dereliction of duty on the part of an employee may be cause for disciplinary action, which will vary by employer. It may refer to a failure by an organization member to abide by the standing rules of its constitution or by-laws or perform the duties of the position appointed to.

In just a short seven months President Joe Biden has failed miserably in all respects. Because of him, we have a border crisis like never before, we have a nation further divided against itself, we have inflation growing daily, we have unsustainable government spending, and now we have the United States open for terrorist attacks. Any one of these could be construed as “dereliction of duty”. Taken together, it should be grounds for impeachment.

How many Biden voters are now cowering and unwilling to admit they voted for this miserable failure of a man. They are all culpable for falling for his lies. All they had to do was look at his failed record over the last forty years. Yet, they still voted for this loser. All because they didn’t like the man who was sending out mean tweets. 

None of these failures would have occurred under Trump’s watch.  All Biden had to do was stay in the basement and let Trump’s policies run their course. But NO, he had to try and prove he had big boy pants on.  So pathetic! And now thousands may die because of his dereliction of duty.

Here’s what Lindsay Graham had to say on NewsMax

So here’s what I think: I think this is dereliction of duty at the highest level,” Graham continued. Joe Biden deserves to be impeached because he’s abandoned thousands of Afghans who fought with us. He’s going to abandon some American citizens because he capitulated to the Taliban’s 31 August deadline.

Newsmax Sen. Lindsey Graham to Newsmax: Impeach President Joe Biden | Newsmax.com

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