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3 Major Events Taking Place RIGHT NOW Under ‘The Great Reset’

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If you don’t know what The Great Reset is, it may be time to learn because three major, planned events for a great reset of how the world is run are taking place right now.

As explained on the International Institute for Sustainable Development’s (IISD) website, The Great Reset represents a commitment of its members “to jointly and urgently build the foundations of the global economic and social system for a more fair, sustainable and resilient future.”

While it sounds innocuous enough, the plans are to use the elements of the current pandemic to create a major upheaval in life as you know it — and the life you will be forced to submit to by 2030 if The Great Reset comes to fruition. The Great Reset is planned in steps, and before you decide it could never happen, a YouTube video reveals three major events that are happening RIGHT NOW that are helping the plan to grow.

The first event is the $1,000-a-month guaranteed income that California recently passed. The second event is the government takeover of the way housing is run — the CDC’s moratorium on collection of rent is the prime example of how an unelected governmental body can use excuses like a pandemic to take control of private citizens’ rights to run a business, in this case of landlords who rent dwellings as a means of income.

The third event is connected to the moratorium, which is the fact the affordable housing market has become so unaffordable that government entities are buying up properties themselves — paving the way for one of The Great Reset’s goals of government owning ALL rental properties by 2030.

For more information on The Great Reset, its goals are no secret. You can visit the World Economic Forum’s website and read them all yourself.


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