April 19, 2024

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America Is Not Divided; It’s Being Hijacked

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We must break the propaganda spell and realize that we have the strength of numbers on our side.
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What if the appearance of a great, insuperable divide is vastly overstated or even being deliberately amplified by forces that benefit from division? The gulf on certain significant matters is substantial, to be sure, and yet when we turn to look one by one at some of the most high-profile issues, we see that the split may be greatly overstated.

High Profile Issues

  • 62 percent—hold the commonsense view that athletes shouldn’t get to compete in categories other than those corresponding to their birth genders, while only 34 percent have a different view
  • 71 percent of Americans believe it is unacceptable for people to enter this country illegally.
  •  84 percent of Americans oppose defunding, with 47 percent believing that funding for police should actually be increased.
  •  62 percent of Americans oppose reparations, with 46 percent being definite in that view, while only 17 percent are strong proponents of the view that reparations should definitely be paid
  • 86 percent of Americans also believe that schools are going beyond the facts and pushing a problematic political agenda, with 63 percent considering this a major problem
  • 76 percent believe Biden should be considering “all possible nominees” and not just a black woman, while only 23 percent want him to stay committed to his current plan.
  •  it says a lot­—when 57 percent of voters in California, arguably the most liberal state in the country, vote “no” when affirmative action is put to a plebiscite. Despite the support of high-profile celebrities and politicians, with $31 million in donations to the cause, against only $1.6 million raised to defeat the proposition.
  • 76 percent of us are done with affirmative action by race in university admissions, and an even higher 81 percent oppose gender-based admissions. Shocking as it may sound to some, most of us believe that scarce slots should be awarded based on merit rather than melanin or other inborn traits.
  • A solid majority of us (57 percent) believe that “people today are too easily offended by what others say,” while only 40 percent feel that “people should be careful what they say to avoid offending others.”

These are just a few of the many instances of “disagreements” perpetrated by the mass media and those “few” elites who are hell-bent on destroying our society and our culture. The instances cited are pulled from a recent article by Alexander Zubatov at America GreatnessI encourage you to read the full article  at America Is Not Divided; It’s Being Hijacked › American Greatness (amgreatness.com)

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