July 19, 2024

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American Library Association Pushing Pornagraphy in Libraries

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An Email I receive from the 1776 Project PAC. This is a worthy project doing a lot of good which I contribute to.

If you needed another reason as to why fighting to empower parents is important here it is. 

The American Library Association is an organization that pretends to fight for freedom of speech and provide support for libraries.

Not only are they pushing pornography in libraries, but the ALA is actively working to remove christian/conservative literature from libraries. 

But in reality- their president is an avowed Marxist who is hellbent on ensuring that children have easy access to pornographic content in libraries. 

States across the country have already passed legislation to remove taxpayer funding from this organization. 

Left-wing ideology is EVERYWHERE. It hides behind seemingly innocent organizations like the ALA and latches onto students behind parents’ backs.

Admin, we’re circulating a petition to END the taxpayer funding of this anti-Christian, pro-Marxist organization, but we need your support! Will you ADD YOUR NAME and DEMAND that the government DEFUND the ALA?

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