April 17, 2024

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Lockdowns Had Zero Impact on Covid, Major Study Finds

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Stripping people of their freedoms and forcing the public into lockdowns during the pandemic had zero impact in controlling Covid, a major new study has found.
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A new Oxford University-backed study determined that Covid lockdowns made no difference to the outcome of the pandemic.

The researchers found that the results would have been the same if governments allowed people to make their own decisions about protecting themselves and their family members from the virus.

Researchers modeled virus deaths and unemployment rates in response to different pandemic policies.

Results showed imposing blanket shutdowns, which forced people to stay home and closed essential shops, lowered recorded cases of the virus.

However, leaving people to adapt their own behavior was just as effective, data revealed.

Published in the peer-reviewed Nature Human Behaviour Journal, the study was conducted by Oxford University‘s Institute of New Economic Thinking.

The study specifically highlighted Sweden’s controversial approach during the pandemic.

In Sweden, members of the public were left to make their own decisions about travel, vaccines, school and work attendance, mask use, and other precautions.

The government didn’t enforce any restrictions such as lockdowns or issue any mandates and only offered advice to the public.

Experts concluded that both policies led to “similar trade-offs” for people’s health and the economy.

According to the study, however, both approaches still triggered huge job losses.

While Sweden’s economy didn’t shut down due to lockdowns, many of the nation’s industries were still hit by global lockdowns and resulting shortages and delays.

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