July 19, 2024

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Censored Because It Does Not Fit Microsoft’s Narrative

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The cancel culture is out in full force. They are censoring any and all material which does not fit their narrative.

My comment on this story was censored!

I happen to use Microsoft News as a start page for my browser.  I know, it is not the best news aggregator. But, I get a quick glimpse at some news. 

In today’s roundup, there is an article from The Motley Fool about the recent problems at Southwest Airlines. I wanted to see what they had to say about it.

Here is part of what the article had to say:

Southwest started the Columbus Day weekend on the wrong foot, as weather issues in Florida, a Navy training exercise, and staffing shortages at the Jacksonville air traffic control center led to a slew of cancellations on Friday. That left crews out of position and caused many Southwest Airlines pilots to hit their federally mandated duty limits.
As a result, Southwest canceled more than 2,000 flights over the long weekend. The disruptions peaked on Sunday when the airline scrapped over 1,000 flights — 30% of its schedule — and delayed a similar number. Southwest canceled another 435 flights on Monday and delayed over 1,500 more.
This reliability breakdown would have infuriated many customers no matter what. However, Southwest Airlines made things even worse for itself by initially putting all the blame on weather and air traffic control problems, which the FAA quickly refuted. The confusing messaging damaged the airline’s credibility and helped spark widespread (but unfounded) rumors that pilots were calling out sick to protest Southwest’s new vaccine mandate for employees.

Adam Levine-Weinberg

Did you notice the excuses they gave? None of which made any sense to any sensible person.
Bad weather!? Where?
Navy training exercises!? Yeah, right!
Air Traffic Control staffing shortages!? Totally refuted by FAA!

I couldn’t believe this total BS. So, I decided to place a comment. It was a very simple comment.

Smoke and mirrors, people.

Of course, the WTF was not part of the comment. But what is it about this comment that does not meet community guidelines? Is it because my “opinion’ is the article obfuscates the truth with outright lies?

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