July 19, 2024

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The Shipping Industry is in Crisis Mode

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A historic backlog of cargo ships in Southern California has left the supply chain and shipping industry in a crisis.

Cargo ships wait off the coast of California.

The director of one of the largest ports and busiest ports in the country reports the supply chain and shipping industry are in a crisis.

Mario Cordero, the executive director of the Port of Long Beach, had these words to say: 

“The supply chain is definitely disrupted and has been for some time.”  “The situation is in a crisis mode.” 

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Are you feeling it yet? The Biden administration has led us into one of the most disastrous periods our country has ever experienced. The administration is so obsessed with ensuring everyone gets the “jab” that all other issues are totally ignored. 

Hospitals claim to be overwhelmed yet they will fire nurses and staff who have fought the Covid battle for the last eighteen months. In many cases, they have had to supplement their workforce with National Guard members.

This all begs the question: WHY are they so obsessed with Covid to not use the National Guard where they are really needed? In my opinion we need immediate help at the border and in our ports. We need to let our representatives know if the National Guard is to be deployed, it should be in areas where they are more useful. If hospitals are overwhelmed, tell them to stop firing their staff.

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