April 19, 2024

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Biden Admin. to Reinstate COVID Restrictions as ‘Cases Rise’

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The Biden administration is reportedly preparing to reinstate full COVID lockdowns, beginning with mask mandates for TSA and airport employees as early as mid-September.

Mandated Masking

The original article appears in American Faith.

A high-level TSA official detailed a Tuesday meeting where TSA managers were informed of new policies that would reemplement mask-wearing.

These policies allegedly included reinstating the mask mandate for TSA and airport employees starting in mid-September.

The official added that by mid-October, mask-wearing will be mandated for pilots, flight staff, passengers, and all airport workers.

Biden Regime to Reinstate COVID-19 Restrictions Beginning with Mask Mandate as “COVID Cases Rise”, Say TSA and Border Patrol Whistleblowers via @gatewaypundit https://t.co/3o9DqCMXIe

— The Gateway Pundit (@gatewaypundit) August 19, 2023

From The Gateway Pundit:

The World Health Organization  classified the EG.5 coronavirus strain circulating in the United States and China as a “variant of interest” but stressed it did not seem to pose more of a threat to public health than other variants. Despite the message from WHO, some health experts are sounding the alarm.
On Thursday, WHO made a formal announcement on Thursday, categorizing the BA.2.86 variant—a highly mutated variant—as a “variant under monitoring.”

A major new study shows that masks don’t stop the spread of COVID. Will the mandaters apologize?

The COVID pandemic is in the rearview mirror. We have plenty of data about it, including studies telling us how well our countermeasures worked.

A dozen scientists from around the world conducted a massive metastudy of our efforts to fight COVID, as well as similar efforts to fight the flu, and they published the results in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.

Read Full Article at the Washington Examiner

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